How to Make Toast



  1. Grab a piece/s of toast.
  2. Safely ensure your toaster is plugged in and switched on.
  3. Put the toast in the available slots.
  4. Adjust the knob on the toaster according to how well cooked you prefer your bread. Remember the higher the number the knob is placed on, the toastier the bread.
  5. Push down the lever to activate the toasting process.
  6. Once your bread is finished, the toaster will spit out the bread.
  7. Examine if the toast is to your liking, if not repeat steps 4-5.
  8. After your bread has finished, place the bread on a plate and choose from the infinite number of toppings.





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Lecture One: Intro to Interactive Design


  • Essentially, Interaction Design examines the relationship between a computer system and the user.
  • It is the task of an Interaction Designer to make the handling of a system clear and straight forward for the user and to draw in their attention.
  • Three main ideas are central to Interaction Design; what does the user need to DO, how should the media make them FEEL and what should they already KNOW/what do they need to KNOW to operate the system. This “trinity” was compiled by Bill Verplank (the illustrator of the picture above as well as an Interaction Designer and researcher). 
  • Gillian Crampton Smith, well-known amongst the Interaction Design community states that Interaction Design shapes our everyday lives in a digital way. She continues “we’re not only designing it’s behaviour and it’s looks but the quality of the way we interact with it.